Friday, 16 September 2011

Take a break

Hello guys. Such a long time I didn't update anything in here everyone's favaurite blog (this is the coolest thing I ever thought!) How's thing? I am pretty bored here stuck in my apartment going nowhere since hubby tight with his schedule. Well I did some study anywhere (MCQ's) hoping it will get me ready for exam in next January. Oh forget to mention that I'm on annual leave. Had no idea why I chose this week (only one week you know!! Normally I took 3 weeks off and went to a place where you don't have to be worried about sunshine - where else?? Mestilah Malaysia!!!) And 5 days continuous studying are enough to torture my brain ok....I need a break!!! 

I went to shop today and TGI sale everywhere!!! I bought 2 pieces of long scarves and a pair of shoes for myself and a polo TS for him. (I say I can't help myself to stop this on the sale season!!!!). Reach home, took off the price tag and tried to put on the scarf around my head. This time I tried a different rather unique style of twisting technique here and there like everyone does. Hope you like it!

The twist that I made somehow expose this small tag on top of my right temporal head!!!
Nak video tutorial??? Please leave the comment tq...

p/s: had a tough time to do this photo-shoot. Most of pictures were very dark indeed. This is the only piece that you can appreciate my face figure. Need to have those big spotlights like in the real studio!!!!

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