Wednesday, 17 August 2011


You know what, I'm so passionate about any cake/pastry based on cheese. Its so irresistible. One day, I made a record. I finished one whole cheese cake in a day. My sisters and brothers didn't like cheese when we were teenage. I made a cheesecake but nobody want to share so the whole cake was mine. Still can't believed it.

So the day before yesterday, I went to a shop to buy dry yeast to make Malaysian Burger. Its end up that day that I baked a chocolate cake instead of MB!! <-----I make the story shorten...

Remembered the other day too that I baked a cheese tart? I still have the left-over cream cheese inside my fridge. When I make this choc cake, I thought its a good idea to make it like tart base in a small cup so I can add the cream cheese on top of that. Sound brilliant! And it produced what a fantastic cheese choc cake muffin!!!! Its taste similar to Secret Recipe NY cheesecake. Can't believe that I can go this far....

What you see in the picture are just a portion of the choc cake dough that I baked. I still have the whole choc cake itself which I do not have its pic here. So today my plan is to make a proper round cheese cake with a choc cake base. When Im done going to show you the copycat of Secret Recipe NY cheesecake! God please keep me stay away from diabetes...amin....

p/s: I look up the cake recipes in Its actually 2 different cake recipes that I combined together to make this SRNY cheese cake . What a great experiment!!!


  1. nampak sangat sedap. ain bagi la resepi.. hehe

  2. ok aku kasi sume la resipe yg aku tau ok?....hihi