Thursday, 1 September 2011

Selamat Hari Raya atau Happy Eid

Dude, I have to confess about this. Am so jealous when I saw all ladies back home all of them were wearing damn nice pretty new dress atau baju kurung during hari raya atau Eid. Yes I am so envy. have no new baju kurung here. No where to buy it. Unless if I make one for myself. Unfortunately no baju kurung pattern available online plus no fabric store nearby where I live right now. What to do? usha je la orang lain pakai baju kurung baru atau I just observe from far these ppl wearing new clothes on Eid celebration day.

I might say I am lucky too. Sale still on out there in town. Was there last 2 weeks before raya atau eid and I grabbed 3 pieces of clothes from Awear - bright blue peg leg pant, 2 tones loose sleeveless and shiffon blouse comes in peach colour -----> sample picture as above not included the 2 tones though.

Dude, before its too late atau better say now than never! , I want to wish you all a very warm Selamat Hari Raya atau Happy Eid atau Eid Mubarak to everyone especially my muslim brother and sista!!
If I made a mistake with or without intention please do forgive me. I'll do the same too. Lets make it 0-0 for both side and we start with a new chapter in our journey. InsyaAllah......

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  1. Selamat Hari Raya from yeyi, baby and I, kak ude!:)

    dont worry, we're baju raya-less as well!
    oh wells. i think its a good reason for us to have 5 baju raya's next year! hehe

    hope you and shahrul are well up there and had a good raya together!