Monday, 29 August 2011

Bye bye Ramadhan

When I was a kiddy little girl, during fasting month of Ramadhan, I counted every single day to celebrate Eid Mubarak (The day that we muslim celebrate after 1 month fasting). I started fasting for 1 month when I was 6 of age. I recall that time there were nobody in the entire kindergarden who completed 1 month fasting except me. Off course I felt awkward because all my fellow friends were eating during break time. There were some of them who fasting as well but not doing routinely everyday. The way I thinking was why these bunch of kids were so childish??? If I can make this happen, so were you. But I didn't share my inner voice with anybody. Now I realised that I was the one whom being taught to become a mature muslim earlier than any kids of same age.

Because I was too young to be fast for a month, I always wanted a great reward in the end of the day. I knew the real feeling of celebrating Eid because obviously I did a great job for a month which any kid could barely do that!!! I proud of myself =). I believe that if I do a good job, Allah will always protect me.

As I grown up, I realise that during Ramadhan is not just about sacrifice of not having food for a day and after a month..yeay you celebrate Eid. No, its not the main purpose why Allah made a Ramadhan for us. Ramadhan itself is a holy month where all the believers are ever waiting for. The true believer will perform the best performance ever during this special month and never ever wanted Ramadhan ended at all. Allah promise to give a zillion times reward of all good deeds during this month only. Which means only 30 days out of 365 days in a year that He give us these great opportunity. Plus there will be a night during last week of Ramadhan who ever believer find it, Allah will forgive all his sins and promise a Jannah (heaven). At the 30th of Ramadhan believers will cry desperately. Off course we do have to celebrate Eid too. But the way we celebrate is by praising Allah just as simple as that.

The point I wanted to share is my thought has changed 360 degree from what Id been thought 20 years ago. Eid is just a day to celebrate but its not the special time I been waiting for. Instead I would love to spend most of my time with Allah during Ramadhan. I am not a great believer but at least I do my best during Ramadhan. I feel like crying now. No more Ramadhan for the next 11 months.

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