Monday, 8 August 2011

7 August

Time flies so fast.....I x perasan today is 8/8/11 dah. Mati-mati ingat 7 August lg. Where is my Sunday gone? Ermm.....I post call. Thats the reason why. When I post call, the place to be is on my bed. I could spend the whole day with it. Hihi. Tak perasan mase berlalu dgn pantas.

The chronology of my yesterday's timetable was:

0000 hrs : still in ED doing admission
0130 hrs : went to the ward. Charted some fluids, med etc-etc
0230 hrs: went down again to ED. Thank God it was last admission before the next shift
0330 hrs: berambus cepat2 dari ED ke rest nk mkan for sahur
0400 hrs : passed bleep to intern. Smyg subuh.
0420 hrs: tido zzzzzz
0530 hrs : terjaga g toilet
0830 hrs: terjaga dari lena. intern ketuk pintu tanye soalan. bgn siap2 g ward round
1200 hrs: ward round abis. lega.......
1230 hrs: visit Currys pulang HDMI connector for Apple + jln2 kt Harry Corry cari brg sale
13000 hrs: balik umah sambung tido.......
1830 hrs: bgn bersihkn diri, surfing internet, siap2 for berbuka
2130 hrs: berbuka time + smyg terawih
2300 hrs : sambung tido la.......
0330 pg ini : bgn sahur

Ape bende sgt aku wat ari ahad? Tido je banyak ......haha....puteri pon nk tido skit lagi before g keje......I wish I had done more meaningful/ good deeds yesterday. Lets not repeat again whatever had done yesterday for the sake of today. Hari ini sememangnya lain dari semalam. WR, buat ini buat itu dlm ward, balik kul 5, ade mase for myself. Yeay!!! 

Aish - Budak ensem/nakal
I miss you so mooch
Sunglass - Pennys

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