Wednesday, 10 August 2011


It's raining heavily this morning (till now!). Gosh what a day. Today is suppose to be my first day meetIng with study mate. We going to review some mcq's and do discussion as well. The thing is it's going to be at my Place. He has to walk all the way from home with this on-going raining?? No. This wont happened. Obviously I have to pick him up otherwise no revision at all. I can't see a Problem with it.

Well let's just update bout the Iftar. sadly today's iftar invitation had just been cancelled. Sadly??? Just kidding. I am not feeling sad at all. Still have yesterday's roti canai. Still thinking whats to cook for berbuka.

Yeah! Good news. My study mate is offering iftar at Indian restaurant. But no study group today. Alhamdullilah Ade juga org nk belanja Makan. Seronok2.

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