Sunday, 14 August 2011


Gosh I watched Top Gear just now. They played soccer using cars. What a fascinating game ever!!! At the same time I think its a ridiculous game too.....hahaha whatever!!!

You want to see how I work with my lappy every morning before work. Here it is....

Am concentrating typing faster as time flies so quick. This blog has to be upload before I go to work

Thinking of what else should I mention/write up in the space provided....

Yeay nearly done

Gosh/Alamak!!! I have to choose the picture pulak.....fening2....mane satu ni nk pilih??

Hubby kacau in the middle of the process. I managed to finish one blog in 10 minutes. That the average speed for me. You think I can complete blog in 5 minutes in the future if I do it consistently? I believe it!!! U got to believe it!!!

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p/s: not a routine for me to wear Hana Tajima's hijab style everyday to work. Its almost impossible as when I wake up, time is like a gold. Dude I have no time!!!

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