Monday, 8 August 2011

Whats for berbuka???

I noticed that most of previous entries were based on the holy mouth of Islam - Ramadhan. Which is great!!  Sharing of what I have for berbuka is a great idea too. Lets check it out what I had for today iftar....

Practically I like simple and quick style of cooking. Variety choices of food is a must too. So I come out with these 2, no its actually 3 the very fast and furious simple recipe of mine. And off course my darling like it so much. Gladly he ate it all till bloated!!

Grilled Fried chicken. I fried the chicken in 15 mins by grilled it in oven with 200 degree celcius. Dont forget to preheat before plus chicken pieces need to be cut into small to medium size.

Roti John with Sardine. I started to cook this 20 minutes before iftar. Make sure all ingredients ready in bowls or plates beside the stove. Once the fryer pan adequately heated, get ready and cook it in your own style <-----I presume all the single ladies/men out there know how to at least, cook Roti John.....huhu

Last but not least, nasi goreng. I prepared this in just 10 minutes and its ready to eat. (its the left over food since yesterday iftar.....ngelat la camni kan?)

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